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MEAN is swiftly gaining popularity in the web industry and has become the go-to technology in the Enterprise market, especially for those who are aiming towards providing reliable, responsive and scalable web apps. At ArohaTech, we are well versed with each component of MEAN, which provides us with flexibility and ease of development in making the most out of the MEAN JavaScript based technology.

Mean Development

MEAN Introduction

MEAN is derived from a full-stack JavaScript Framework that is a combination of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, where:

MongoDB: it uses JSON style documents for storing and representing information, which makes it easier for JavaScript to interpret it,

ExpressJS: web application framework which furnishes supporting components and modules for building websites,

AngularJS: a product of Google, that transforms JavaScript code to modular code along with a data binding UI,

NodeJS: a javascript environment, used for developing scalable websites,

What can we do:

  • Modernize your website and integrate dynamic features.
  • Provide you with high-performant apps to represent your business more effectively.
  • Transform your existing website for generating more productive and effective business.
  • Building quality web applications using Javascript for development.
  • Provide highly effective web solutions with our experienced team of MEAN Stack Developers.
  • Exceptional core stack development services for providing an end to end solution for businesses .

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