Arohatech Named Top B2B Web Development Company in India

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for web development. From progressive web apps to voice search optimization, it’s important to keep on top of the latest trends. At Arohatech, we pride ourselves on keeping

Best Features of Laravel That Would Wow a Developer

Laravel is an astounding structure for contemporary web application development which helps in simple and in addition quick making of customized web applications. Headway process is cleared a path less demanding given that the typical exercises gone

10 Reasons Why You Should Use AngularJS

If you haven’t tried Angular yet, you’re missing out on why people say JavaScript is the most flexible language in the world. Angular is the only framework that doesn’t make MVC seem like putting lipstick on a

Top 5 Advantages of Android App Development

Android is an open source versatile working framework with gigantic client base and rearranged portable application advancement process. Ventures are utilizing Android and making custom versatile applications that takes care of client issues and increment esteem for

12 ‘Must-Know” Benefits of PHP

A famous decision in today’s web world is utilizing PHP. PHP is a universally useful scripting dialect that is particularly suited to server-side web improvement where PHP for the most part keeps running on a web server.

Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress for Your Website

WordPress іѕ a blogging plateform thаt permits уοu tο hаνе a pre-built site fοr free thаt wіll permit уοu tο center οn thе more basic things lіkе content, аnd іf уοu wish іt, deals аnd benefits. WordPress

7 Benefits of AngularJS 2.0 for Application Development

Since the time AngularJS was discharged, it has commanded the universe of open source JavaScript structures. AngularJS which is to a great degree propelled customer side MVW system has accomplished extraordinary backing and selection both from people

7 Key Elements of Laravel 5 PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the very utilized and acknowledged coding systems by the PHP engineers. Engineers incline toward Laravel over to different systems due to the execution, highlights, versatility it offers. Here we will talk about some

4 Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2016

Recently, we’ve seen a surge in fame of responsive web plan, as more locales join the drive to end up ‘versatile prepared’ which is currently much more essential in the wake of Google’s Mobile Friendly overhaul. We

7 Tips on How to Become a Full Stack Developer

Being a full-stack developer obliges you to think about all the front-end advances and all the back-end advances. You should be great at working with everything, going from databases to client interfaces and the stuff in the

iPhone App Development – The Future of Business World

With the expanding interest of PDAs, makers are attempting to offer something which has not been offered yet in the business sector. Obviously, the cutting-neck rivalry doesn’t leave any degree for running over the conventional strategies and

Things You Should Definitely Know About Node.Js

With technology advancing each passing moment, JavasSript is improving with new tools being introduced steadily too. Node.js is implemented on server-side applications and is popular amongst JavaScript coders for building real-time Web API’s. Wait a second, Node.js

Best Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Android Application Development

Presently Android applications are excessively utilized for vital operations like managing an account, shopping, sports news, checking neighborhood occasion, blogging etc. Android applications are accessible for any undertaking you think you’re versatile or tablet gadget can deal

Create a Laravel Development Environment using XAMPP.

Laravel is an open source MVC web development PHP framework, according to recent studies it has topped the charts as the most widely used PHP web development framework for several years till 2015. Laravel development has a

Take Angular JS Course for Test-Driven Web Development

Angular JS by Google – known as super heroic JavaScript MVV framework – is one of the most talked-about and widely-used web frameworks. It solves the problem of HTML – which is developing dynamic page views, letting

3 Reasons Why You Should You Zend Framework for Project Building

Because Zend and PHP are from the same creators, it makes sense to combine these two technologies for a project. However, the quality of the final outcome depends on how two technologies and their features are integrated.

Power Up Your E-Commerce Business with Magento B2B Program

B2B buying is undergoing a fundamental shift currently. Buyers, instead of meeting and communicating with marketing professionals, prefer to make a research on their own and simply place the orders when they are convinced. This has increased

[Solved]: Magento issue in reindexing process for “Product flat data” indexes.

So you just carried out bulk changes to the product catalog in your magento store and next step is reindexing your store so that all these changes reflect correctly on the website. You reindex the whole website

8 PHP Best Practices That You Should Follow

PHP is one of the most widely used programming languages. Unfortunately, many developers continue to use outdated development practices. They don’t bother to learn about the best practices of the languages, let alone follow them. As PHP

Top 8 Magento Payment Gateways

So, after investing a lot of time, effort and money, you’re just about to get your e-commerce portal up and running. You’ve listed hundreds of products and rolled out irresistible introductory offers. Now all you need to