7 Key Elements of Laravel 5 PHP Framework

Laravel is one of the very utilized and acknowledged coding systems by the PHP engineers. Engineers incline toward Laravel over to different systems due to the execution, highlights, versatility it offers. Here we will talk about some remarkable components of Laravel that makes it the PHP Developer’s first decision.

Laravel 5 was dispatched in November 2014. Not surprisingly, there were loads of practical changes in the Laravel 5. It was supported with 22 new elements for designers. The organization has overhauled the effective variant of Laravel 5 in the February this year. The most recent rendition of Laravel 5.1 is accessible at this point. Laravel 5.0.1 has rebuilt structure design in the most recent discharge. The organization has conspicuously disentangled the Method infusion. New course storing highlight has been added to Artisan. How about we observe over the absolute most vital elements of Laravel 5.

New directory structure

It is an auxiliary change that you may see first. Laravel 5.0.1 actualizes PSR-4 autolading guidelines. That implies every one of the classes are completely namespace now. Config, Storage and Database envelopes are moved one level up from the App organizer in the new structure. Everything else inside organizer works precisely the same as past form. They have likewise included an extra assets organizer. This new organizer contains all dialect and format documents.

Method injection

Method injection has been fundamentally disentangled in the most recent adaptation of Laravel. You needed to request Inversion of Control (IoC) holder to give a class occurrence until Laravel 4.2. Be that as it may, you can announce the sort implied class occurrence in the controller strategy’s mark now.


class UserController extends BaseController {

public function _construct(UseRepositoryInterface $users){

$this->users = $users;




Developers can do the same using Injection methods by injecting class into method like following:

<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers\Auth;

use Illuminate\Routing\Controller;

use Illuminate\Contracts\Auth\Authenticator;

use App\http\Requests\Auth\registerRequest;

class AuthController extends Controller{


public function _constuct(Authenticator $auth)


$this->auth = $auth;


public function postRegister(RegisterRequest $request)



return redirect(‘/’);




Contract is fundamentally an arrangement of interfaces that characterizes the center administrations. In the event that you require reserving in bundle, you can accomplish that utilizing Illuminate\Contacts\cache. You can do reserve programing anyplace in the code utilizing the solid store class without changing the bundle code. All these happen in the Application.php document under Illuminate\Foundation\folder.

Route caching

Course reserving highlight speeds up the application course enrollment. This component is consummately reasonable for you if your application has an extensive number of courses. You can utilize PHP artisan course: store and PHP artisan route:clear orders to kill ON and the course getting in the project. It is for the most part actualized as a piece of sending procedure.


Verification is the most critical part of any web application and designers invested huge energy composing the validation code. Confirmation has gotten to be less complex with this upgrade in Laravel 5. Laravel 5 contains the prepared to utilize inbuilt validation framework. You simply need to arrange database movements, models, controllers and perspectives to make the framework work.

Events object

Designers were implemented to proclaim application occasions as a string as of not long ago. Be that as it may, you can pronounce new occasions in the application utilizing “occasion object” utilizing Laravel 5. You can make occasion objects utilizing php artisan make:event <event-name> and occasion header object utilizing php artisan handler:event <handler-name>. You can fire the occasions utilizing Event::fire(new Event(params)) once you make any new occasion.

Multiple file system

Laravel 5 gives the local backing to various record frameworks. Laravel utilizes outsider bundle Flysystem to give different document support. You can utilize any of Local or Cloud based capacity to give basic arrangement. You can design stockpiling choices in config/filesystems.php record. You can likewise sidestep all document framework exterior in the application and work specifically circle veneer.

These are probably the most propel elements of Laravel 5. There are some different components too. For instance, Queue and Task Scheduling, Request Object, Laravel Socialite, Commands and so forth. Laravel 5 has enhanced a great deal from the design point of view. It likewise works flawlessly for code association and upkeep.