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10 Best Free Joomla Templates

When you select a Joomla template, many factors seem to influence your decision. Availability of features, mobile optimization, page load speed, SEO friendliness, customizability and cost involved play a crucial role in decision making. However, if you’re

What is new in latest Joomla version compared to old versions?

Joomla has been one of the most used and famous content management systems. With time many Joomla versions were introduced so that they were all in par with the new development in CMS and technology. The new

Why has Joomla become a favorite CMS around the world?

Joomla has become one of the most used and preferred CMS. You can see people hiring Joomla Web Development Company when they want someone to build a CMS website. Are you wondering why in the world are

Magento : Best Ecommerce CMS of All Times

E-commerce websites needs to be user friendly , safe, fast and  attractive . It allow people to shop for products, accessories efficiently and with very less hassles by avoiding physical shopping, saving time and hence petrol J.

How to make the most of mobile Apps

When it comes to the exciting world of mobile Apps, everyday is a new day! Apps are touching every aspect of our life and creating new possibilities. They easily pervade the office space as well as find

How to design responsive websites for hand held devices

Want your website to tap the doors of success? Well, then tappiness is what your website should aim at. It is an uncoined term but becoming very popular in the domain of hand held devices. Simply put,

Joomla Development: Some Guidelines

Joomla Development Services is basically an open source Content Management System (CMS), which enables us to build websites and powerful online applications comfortably. Joomla is one of the most popular web development softwares. You would like to