Magento : Best Ecommerce CMS of All Times

E-commerce websites needs to be user friendly , safe, fast and  attractive . It allow people to shop for products, accessories efficiently and with very less hassles by avoiding physical shopping, saving time and hence petrol J. To develop an efficient E-commerce website various of Open Source Content management systems are available. To name few, Opencart, Prestashop, Oscommerce and the biggest and best out of all, Magento. It is considered as one of the best CMSs and robust for E-commerce platform. Many small and big E-commerce websites has been built using magneto and it is continually being use to develop E-commerce websites all over the world.

Some of its Differentiating and Important features are:

  1. Magento websites are less expensive and can turn your website in to a hub where you can advertise your products in the form of Store that runs online .This leads to huge traffic and hence huge sales.
  2. Magento has a nice feature called catalog management where you can actually decide the number of products you want to show in the front end of the site, takes care of import and exports. In catalog management you get options to set inventory, prices and various custom attributes with very less efforts.
  3. Magento E-commerce platform provides great feature for Search engine optimization to make your website available on search engines. Magento websites are SEO friendly. There are options where you can easily define Custom URLs that are easy to read and understand for your prospective customers.
  4. Magento Provides different rates for payment and shipping features . That adds lot of comfort to people who orders and purchase products. And there are various additional plugins are also available that can connect to virtually any shipping provider in world.
  5. Multiple Language support : An E-commerce platform that supports multiple languages and multiple currencies also that can do a lot in term of global businesses. It also allow you to make changes in translation through inline-editor, which means that a novice can also make translation modifications easily.
  6. Simple checkout process  is one of the best features that magento provides to its users. As a buyer, no one wants to fill lengthy forms. If they have to, they will simply leave to some other site and you may end up losing a great customer. Magento provides a way to create your own checkout processes easily..
  7. Secure payment methods keeps buyers information secure from hackers and malicious users.

There are several more features in Magento that can not be covered here, but Magento is surely a best  and robust Ecommerce platform available  these days.