Why has Joomla become a favorite CMS around the world?

Joomla has become one of the most used and preferred CMS. You can see people hiring Joomla Web Development Company when they want someone to build a CMS website. Are you wondering why in the world are

How to hire the right dedicated PHP developer for your project

PHP has become one of the most used programming languages in the world. Most of clients place an order for a PHP developer to create their website. Rather than hiring a full time PHP developer, it might

Know more about SEO Marketing that makes your website better

Google has started to become stricter and stricter as the day passes by. It has become that strict teacher which says no to copied contents and bad links. Gone are the days when you could trick Google

Why to hire dedicated professional web designers?

A good website can impress your potential customers. If your website is unattractive, difficult to navigate and contain no required information then the visitors would not even bother to contact you again. That is the bitter truth.

SMS Mobile Application: New World in Mobile Technology

Mobile technology has started to skyrocket and reached a whole new level. There were days when it used to feel magical to read eBooks in mobile. The days have advanced rapidly from that time to the present

Ecommerce Web Development : New way to look at business

Internet has become one of the powerful tools in the world. It has become so advanced that you can know what is happening all around the world in just few seconds; see the face of person who

The emerging market will be mobile based applications

Mobile application has started to occupy large shares of application industry. Gone are the days when applications were just used in computers or laptops. Now-a-days, the demand for the applications that run in mobile or mobile application

E-commerce Solution – Web Portal Development Using Joomla

A portal is like a gate or an entrance to something. Similarly, a web portal is the entrance or gate to many services and facilities of web. Its like, one portal contains a collection of varieties of

Custom Magento Mobile Application for Android & iPhone : With No Recurring Fees

You might have seen people asking developers to make an ecommerce application in Magento. Before moving on to how Magento can help you and your business, let’s know more about Magento. It is an ecommerce based web

Develop Multi-Platform Desktop Applications on PHP

Many people have a notion that applications are meant to be used in web or in mobile. However, that is not quite true. There are applications that run in computer or laptops without the web or web

How to write effective Facebook posts : 4 Quick Ideas

Writing an effective Facebook post is an art but anyone can learn it easily. We are presenting few tips for writing engaging posts that will increase your website traffic and user engagement. First Tip: Short, Funny &

What is Hybrid Mobile Application-A Brief Introduction

You may find several definitions about what is Hybrid mobile application however most of them are either highly technical or a little obscure and not easy to understand from a common users or client’s perspective. In this

How to Generate Website Traffic? – Strategy & Targeting Basics

You must be either planning your Website traffic generation strategy, or may already be in process to implement your existing plan. You may already be aware of your traffic sources, or may be wandering the right source

Social Media Marketing and its Importance

Thirty or thirty five years ago , people used to do business using paper pamplets and thats how it used to work then later on, we had radio and television. Though television and radio are still a

Top 5 WordPress Social Share Plugins

WordPress is one of the best CMSs available these days. WordPress has emerged as one of the strong blogging tools over the recent years. Though it has competitors also but no one so far has been able

Magento : Best Ecommerce CMS of All Times

E-commerce websites needs to be user friendly , safe, fast and  attractive . It allow people to shop for products, accessories efficiently and with very less hassles by avoiding physical shopping, saving time and hence petrol J.

How to make the most of mobile Apps

When it comes to the exciting world of mobile Apps, everyday is a new day! Apps are touching every aspect of our life and creating new possibilities. They easily pervade the office space as well as find

How to create blogs effectively for SEO

Who cares to read those boring lengthy blogs on a website? Well, a lot of people. Blogs are the latest and one of the most powerful means of communication since the inception of language. You can create

Top five trends in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the invisible force driving business on the Internet across the world. It requires an in depth understanding of consumer psychology as well as latest technologies. With Google being the main driving force

How to design responsive websites for hand held devices

Want your website to tap the doors of success? Well, then tappiness is what your website should aim at. It is an uncoined term but becoming very popular in the domain of hand held devices. Simply put,