How to write effective Facebook posts : 4 Quick Ideas

Writing an effective Facebook post is an art but anyone can learn it easily. We are presenting few tips for writing engaging posts that will increase your website traffic and user engagement.

First Tip: Short, Funny & Motivating posts get more attraction

It’s a known fact that Facebook users love posts that are fun to read, or are informative enough to share something that they don’t know about. Positive posts always receive more user interaction then negative posts. We should not forget that Facebook is meant for relaxing with your friends, chit chatting about good stuff, and many users just use it to take time off from their hectic schedule.

Considering this, when writing your post, make sure that there is some explanatory text, that is motivating, fun to read and non-revealing. The content should always have some “feel good” factor that urge users to explore it more.

Second Tip: Never disclose your website URL in post, in fat use URL shorteners

As explained in first tip above, never reveal your full content, and in fact you should always add an URL in your post content that leads to your website content, or landing page. What’s the benefit? You will have more traffic and more conversions.

However, if you write your website URL as it is, it is less likely for a user to click it. So always hide your actual URL through URL shortener services, like or, and then add it below your post content with some call to action. For example: Check Out <Your Short URL>

Third Tip: Nice, beautiful, attractive & relevant image

A nice, attractive relevant image makes your post stand out from other post streams inside user’s news feed. The image content, graphics or text written on it should be easily readable on mobile devices. Never post images with blurred content or small text on it, because mobile users may not find it easy to read on small screens.

Fourth Tip: Most important is the timing when you post your content

Who are your target customers and what’s their geographical location? Let’s assume a scenario where it’s your morning; however your target audience is enjoying night dreams. So who will see your post? And by the time your target audience wake up, they may already be flooded by several other posts by their friends from same time zone. There is a chance that they may never see your post and you may loose the opportunity.So, the best strategy is to always post your content when your target market is supposed to be awake and exploring their FB profiles. You must have got it what we mean here?

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