Social Media Marketing and its Importance

Thirty or thirty five years ago , people used to do business using paper pamplets and thats how it used to work then later on, we had radio and television. Though television and radio are still a strong source of advertisement but due to growing popularity of internet over the past 10 years business has got new energy in it. Millions of people are using internet these days. Websites like facebook,twitter,google + has got so much popularity. A lot of companies , indiviaduals are doing business and earning handsome money. What is this? This is Social media.Social Media has always been of great importance when it comes to marketing. The need of social media depends totally upon company’s profile, Products and client tail. Social media marketing is a must these days as it
help you grow your business, clients, social reach and much more. There was a time when people used to use Google , yahoo for chatting and searching articles etc. their use was limited but these days scenario has completely changed. Google is now a place of many websites competing to gain position and trying hard to attract right kind of traffic which can give them business.

How Social Media works ?

1. Social Media is a best place to grow Company’s Online reputation which in return improves companies branding .Being actively in touch with your clients will trustworthiness of your clients.
2. Social media helps companies to generate leads which is directly proportional to companies progress.
3. These days companies spend a lot to be in touch with their existing clients. Clients retention is of great importance because you never know others are trying hard to get your clients so you have to keep them engage as much as with you. You can increase your engagement with them by asking their feedback about your services,products. This will help you increase quality of your product. Things they like about you and places where they want improvement. Providing support to customers in order to resolve their issues pro- actively..Well,the idea is to keep them engage with you.

4. Social media plays a vital role in getting the right traffic to drive your business.
5. You can promote your products with the help of social media and can get business and earn money.
6. Social Media is the cheapest way to advertise your company’s brand. As there are millions of people over Internet. With the help of Social media you can reach out as many people as possible and share your services , your products etc with them and can setup business with them.

Social Media is the need of today. Its growing popularity among youngsters and grown ups is encouraging business owners in a great way. They are getting Clients , A way to interact with them, knowing their customers better. If used with the right attitude Social media can help one achieve great success .