Top 5 WordPress Social Share Plugins

WordPress is one of the best CMSs available these days. WordPress has emerged as one of the strong blogging tools over the recent years. Though it has competitors also but no one so far has been able to touch it. Other competitors of wordpress are Bloggers and later emerged Joomla also. There is a big competition between blogger and WordPress but like it said WordPress is the best CMSs these days. WordPress Development Services is leading all the way because of its countless plug-ins available in here. People use wordpress to share quality content with millions and billions of people available over the Internet and to be specific over the sites like Facebook , Twitter, google +, Pinterest etc.

WordPress provides countless plug-ins which can help you share your content easily and below is the list of top 10 plug-ins which have awesome features and functionality. Please take a look.

1.ShareThis : This is one Awesome plug-in which is easy to customize features. The unique thing about this plug-in is it hover at sidebar of your post and moves vertically up and down making it easy for visitors to like or appreciate the post.If anyone reduces the size of Browser than this plugin reposition itself horizontally.

2.Socialize : Socialize is again very powerful plug-in with simple sleek look and also allowing you to add social links to your pages and posts. It is best suited to your blog if you do not want a floating links in your blog. The best thing about this plug-in is that it guides visitors to leave comment. You can easily customize buttons on the basis of their sizes for eg. Big , medium and
small and also make changes in background of buttons.

3.Digg Digg : Digg Digg is one of the most innovative plug-in in word-press as it is not only dynamic and easy to customize but it run with all the versions of wordpress and in latest versions new social links are also there like pinterest etc. You can customize it as either floating or simply placing it at the bottom of your post. It is just so simple to apply

4.Get Social : Another big name is the list. This plugin is a floating plugin like ShareThis but you can put it horizontally at the bottom of the page or post.The best thing about this plugin is that you can add any social button with the help of small code which you can get at particular social sharing service.

5.Share bar : One of the most innovative plugins as we can customize it easily,very user friendly. It appears vertically and move vertically up and down with the user action.It is quiet easy in here to add social links and the ones you want it to appear in the list . It is easily customizable to many background colors .

There are even more plug-ins which can help you share your content more effectively but among them these 5 are best. They will help you content distribute virally over the internet and get more visitors to your blog site.