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Since its launch in 2010, Backbone.js has taken the internet by storm and computer browsers are not the face of the internet anymore. As we move towards a world of smart phones and handheld devices, the trend of accessing the web is changing too and now the data is being presented through APIs instead.

Backbone Js Development

Arohatech front end developers makes sure that all interactions with the server are carried out using the RESTful API, thus enhances the scalability of communication among the involved components. Being a light framework, Backbone.js enables developers to compose the code in Model-View-Presenter (MVP) design and provides access to the this JavaScript library.

Living up to its name, Backbone.js performs the function of being the spine of the application and offers ease in implementing consistent set of base classes. It allows data to be accessed through several models like creation, validation , deletion and saved to the server simultaneously. And In cases where UI is altered multiple times without subjecting changes on server,Backbone.js serves the purpose flawlessly.

What we do

The JavaScript library of Backbone.js strengthens the structure of the Client side code. Backbone provides supportive techniques for querying and controlling data which is less tedious than re-inventing the JavaScript Object model.

At ArohaTech, our developers are dedicated to provide our clients with high quality and affordable application solutions. Being a certified ISO 9001:2008 organization, we are proud to follow the best industry practices to safeguard the intellectual property of clients. At ArohaTech we believe that you should pay only for what you receive, thus we provide you with customizable billing plans which have more flexibility compared to our competitors.

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