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An initiative of Google, AngularJS is a JavaScript framework which aims at simplifying the Development and Testing of the custom built applications. The platform generates cleansed codes, which leads to the creation of super responsive websites along with prominent views in web applications.

Angular JS for Small and Medium businesses

AngularJS Introduction

A couple of years ago developers started using AJAX, and there was a constant need for complete decoupling between client & server to turn HTML into apps. With the launch of AngularJS, which is a JavaScript it became effortless to build enterprise-ready web & mobile apps.For a business that needs interactive websites and apps, a rich JavaScript MVC framework like AngularJS is the best choice.

AngularJS is considered as a complete package, as it is designed to make front end development and testing quick as well as easy as compared to all other frameworks and allows us to have full access over the DOM elements.

Go For AngularJS

With our team of skilled AngularJS developers at ArohaTech, we are proficient in providing you with the best solutions for creating simple yet scalable applications with sophisticated features catering to complex business requirements.

Our experience and thoroughness with all extensions of AngularJS assists us in creating allusive applications within minimum time. We focus on writing clean codes free from boilerplates by fully exploiting the extensibility features of AngularJS.

Benefits of using Angular JS

  • Creating apps and websites, made simpler and quicker
  • Easy maintenance of applications and websites
  • Enhanced testability of the product
  • Reusable HTML components
  • Using two way data binding augmented synchronization between Model and DOM
  • Accelerated development process through the MVC design pattern
  • Supports extensive parallel development
  • Constant support of skilled professionals from Google
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What we develop in Angular JS?

  • Custom widgets
  • Analytical web based tools
  • Search engines
  • Real time maps and location apps
  • E-commerce portals and Marketplaces
  • Social networking websites
  • E-learning management system
  • Audio and video streaming applications
  • Text editors
  • Theme generators
  • Data analysis tools
  • Content management tools




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