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How to Generate Website Traffic? – Strategy & Targeting Basics

You must be either planning your Website traffic generation strategy, or may already be in process to implement your existing plan. You may already be aware of your traffic sources, or may be wandering the right source

Top 5 WordPress Social Share Plugins

WordPress is one of the best CMSs available these days. WordPress has emerged as one of the strong blogging tools over the recent years. Though it has competitors also but no one so far has been able

Magento : Best Ecommerce CMS of All Times

E-commerce websites needs to be user friendly , safe, fast and  attractive . It allow people to shop for products, accessories efficiently and with very less hassles by avoiding physical shopping, saving time and hence petrol J.

How to create blogs effectively for SEO

Who cares to read those boring lengthy blogs on a website? Well, a lot of people. Blogs are the latest and one of the most powerful means of communication since the inception of language. You can create

Top five trends in Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the invisible force driving business on the Internet across the world. It requires an in depth understanding of consumer psychology as well as latest technologies. With Google being the main driving force

How to design responsive websites for hand held devices

Want your website to tap the doors of success? Well, then tappiness is what your website should aim at. It is an uncoined term but becoming very popular in the domain of hand held devices. Simply put,

Online shopping compatibility for tablets: How to optimize sites

The growing popularity of mobile and hand held devices is throwing open new opportunities for e-commerce. According to a latest estimate, mobile commerce sale is set to reach $31 billion from the current level of $6.7 billion.

E commerce web development: Smooth transition to Windows 2008

Is your website ready for Windows 2008? Yes you heard it right. With a surge in the popularity of mobile and hand held devices, Windows 2008 is set to become the Operating system of future. It is

Custom application development: Make the most of new web designing trends

In the world of web custom application development, change is the only constant. New trends keep knocking on the door. It is important to take cognizance of the emerging trends to keep pace with the changing preference

QR Codes: Decoding Success For Your Websites

If you thought that codes were used only during the Second World War, then you are in for a surprise. ‘Codes’ have made a strong comeback in the Internet warfare with their latest avatar QR codes.  The

Tutorial for web development company: Setup plesk for Magento Ecommerce

Magento Introduction Magento is a leading ecommerce platform for creating robust online stores. It is basically available in two packages, one is community version which is open source and absolutely free for web developers. The other one

Advantages of Open source & PHP web development services

Whenever we think of starting a Web site, we look at various aspects of the web solutions including web design, web development, hosting, maintenance, flexibility, ease of use, scalability and how it will be easy to handle

Hiring best PHP developer -The key step towards quality Web Development

“In the United States and the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and many other outsourcing route on the days when businesses and business owners are paying for the Indian IT dedicated Web Developer / Programming complete their projects