E commerce web development: Smooth transition to Windows 2008

Is your website ready for Windows 2008? Yes you heard it right. With a surge in the popularity of mobile and hand held devices, Windows 2008 is set to become the Operating system of future. It is easily compatible with touch screens, a domain where most of the Internet related action is happening. A proactive approach towards making your website responsive to the evolving development will pay rich dividends for your website development services.


Windows 2008 will introduce two brand new features in the Internet domain. The first is Internet Explores 10.0 which offers a full screen browsing experience. The second is a cutting edge new user interface known as ‘Metro’. The new user interface makes it important for the web designers to lay more emphasis on touch screen elements. Let us take a look at a few tips which will help in a smooth transition to Windows 2008.

Responsive Website – A website should have the ability to resize itself according to the medium of use. So, a website designed for desktops should be able to modify its dimensions to fit in perfectly into a smart phone or a tablet.

Vertical Scrolling – The developers of tomorrow will have to adapt to the changing user preferences. One of this is the affinity to shopping on mobile devices. A vertical scroll bar adapts to a small screen perfectly and eliminates the need for going to the top of page repeatedly. Additional features like a moving shopping cart makes shopping a  delightful experience.

With hand held mobile phones and tablets dotting the Internet landscape, web application capabilities have acquired more importance. A seamless presence on the digital media will keep your customers in touch with you. Paying attention to these small details will set the ball rolling, enabling you to gear up to the transition to Windows 2008. With a collaborative effort of a web developer you can create a big splash on the small screen!