How to improve Search Ranking after Google Panda & Hummingbird upgrades?

Google has been making search engine optimization of website more and more difficult. With its continuous update, many website owners have become more wary and desperate in regards to SEO. Without a proper SEO, your website is not going to get popular. That could be the demise of your website. So, for a proper SEO you might want to go to the top SEO Company in India. With the introduction of Google Panda and Hummingbird upgrades, you might be wondering how you could possibly increase your search ranking. Here are the answers to your prayer.

Say no to duplicated contents:

The moment when Google finds that your website contains duplicated content, it will pretty much be the end for your website. Google has strict instruction that the website must contain original and unique contents. If not then you can say goodbye to your search ranking. The recent upgrades also strongly focus on this point. To stay on the safe side you should hire SEO Experts in India to see to it that none of the duplicated contents are placed in your website.

Use social media power:

Many people might share the contents of your website through social media. So, it is your prime duty to allow these people to easily share your contents in their social media. This will get you new customers and views as well as aid you in your quest to improve search ranking. You can find many SMO Company in India who can help you with anything related to social media.

Give makeover to low ranking pages:

Even in the same website, some pages might be getting more views whereas some might not be getting that many views. Find such pages which have been falling behind in page ranking and ask a PPC Company in India or a top SEO Company in India to give a makeover to those pages’ contents and tags.

Improve the looks and performance of landing pages:

When a user visits your website they normally go to a certain page like homepage or product page. You should make sure that these landing pages have great looks, user friendly performance and have informative contents. A PPC Company in India can tell you what these pages must have that can bring in lot of viewers and revenues.

Put what customers want to see:

The main aim of the website is to bring in lot of customers and satisfy their needs. You should try to understand your customers and fit in their needs and wants in your website. With the help of a SMO Company in India you can make a way through which you can get popular amongst customers with the help of social media. To benefit more from the views received in your website you can get the help of a PPC services in India.

If you are failing to be in par with the Google Panda and Hummingbird updates then do not hesitate to hire SEO experts from India or get in touch with PPC Services in India.