Facebook- An Effective SEO Search Engine Optimization Tool

Today marketing for online business is growing on very large scale. There are a large number of websites being created by the web development companies. But the websites are of no use without a high search engine page rank (SERP) on Google. Here comes the need of SEO Search Engine Optimization. There are so many Search engine optimization methods and strategies for high page rankings but sometimes certain methods of SEO can get your site banned from Google as Google bans the sites using Black Hat SEO strategies and this can prove fatal.  Here comes the need of using fair means to boost your search engine rankings that includes social book marking etc. Now-a-days, Facebook has emerged as a correct place to begin Internet marketing strategies including SEO. It’s a simple and free of cost strategy to boost your search engine page rankings.

Facebook is free, it’s simple, and it gets your company’s name out to hundreds of people at a time. It’s true that a website designed with proper strategy is the best way to increase the website ranking, if a page is created on Facebook for your company, it would link back to your site and could help you to establish a fan base as well. It’s a kind of natural Facebook for seobookmarking process and can be a powerful SEO search engine strategy. Creating a Facebook account for your company will help in linking back the page to your company in a legitimate way and thus prevents your site from being banned by Google. The good thing about Facebook is that people worldwide can become a fan of your site and notifications are posted on hundreds of friends. There are the options of messages, invitations, News Feed and many more and all these options can immensely help in spreading content and information about the company and building the branding strategy online.

Besides, there are certain SEO strategies and tactics that every Facebook owner should know and implement. Mentioned below such SEO strategies:

1.       The name chosen for the Facebook page should be the finest and retained: Choosing the correct and appropriate name for the page is very crucial as a right name has more chances of getting shared by the fans. The name should not be spammy and laden with keywords. So the page name should be very sensible and must pertain to your business.

2.       Select the most appropriate username: The usernames are far more important than the page names. Basic keywords can be used in the usernames. The best option is to use the appropriate business name which genuinely represents your business.

3.       Don’t forget to include direct links to your websites and may be other relevant sites: Status updates by posting links can prove to be powerful way to increase links. This can be done either by providing raw links (links which takes the user directly to the site) or by attaching a link. Attaching a link is beneficial in terms of keyword density as it pulls the title, body and images from your page and suggests a thumbnail image and text snippet which is placed adjacent to your page link.

4.       Add photos, discussion forums and events with description: This can help out in keeping the page updated with current events. SEO can be implemented here by embedding keywords in the captions of photos and event descriptions.

5.       Get inbound links to the Facebook page: The best way to do this is to create a “Find us on Facebook” badge. Text links can also be helpful in this context.

Benefits of using Facebook as an SEO tool:

1.       It drives traffic to your site: Facebook brings more and more crowd and crowd brings traffic. Facebook applications have a number of links connected to them. These links can bring a lot of traffic to your site.

2.       Branding strategy: Facebook helps in building the branding strategy online. People from all age groups use Facebook and hence it can be used as a tool to make customers from all age groups.

3. New customers retention: Facebook can help in discovering new customers which otherwise is not easily possible.

4.       Regular Feedback from users: Using Facebook applications can keep you aware of the customer’s views via the comments and messages option on it .Customer’s view plays an important role in a company’s development as the customers are the building stones of a company.

5.       Young minds can be hired: Young people share their profiles vividly on Facebook so it becomes easy to hire the young generation by keeping a look at them through the regular updates they make and the more young blood in a company, the more is the productivity.

So, one must take advantage of this simple Internet marketing strategies to social networking. It causes no banning of sites and is legitimate in every way to boost up your website ranking.

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