Osticket: Best helpdesk solution for websites

Help desk ticket management?

Osticket is a complete and feature-rich open source support ticket system that easily fits into your website. It can seamlessly integrate inquiries created via email, phone and web-based forms into a simple easy-to-use multi-user web interface.

Advantages of Osticket: Open source support ticket system:

There are thousands of complaints generated daily and it’s quite difficult to handle and forwarded to a right person, it can be too complicated so take an advantage of widely used support system that is Osticket (Open source support ticket system). By assigning each complaint a unique ticket, you can assign it to the right person, and check the issue’s status easily. Many website operate a ticket based complaints and contact system. If you run such a website then you can surely take advantage of Osticket. It makes the entire process easier for the customer as well as the employees. Osticket really is easy to install and configure.


  • PHP web technology
  • MYSQL database system
  • Free open source
  • Compatible with web server (recommends Apache)


  • Flexible configuration
  • Tickets can be created via email, online forms or phone
  • Simple & Easy installation
  • Auto response
  • Customizable mail templates
  • Predefined responses for frequently asked questions
  • Configurable help topics for web tickets
  • Configurable and flexible settings. Staff and clients are kept up to date with email alerts
  • No user account or registration required for users (ticket ID/email used for login)
  • Assign and transfer tickets to a staff or department
  • Role-based access
  • Internal notes

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