Linkedin new design: Is really buggy?

We just noticed that linkedin has changed their layout, and came out with a more web 2.0 kind of theme, with movable panels and lot of new stuff. On our firebox it all came through well, but, what’s this, We are surprised to look at it on Chrome. The footer is dis-aligned, top login fields are overlapping content. Are we looking at right website?  Let’s go and delete cookies, refresh page, but to our sadness, it’s still like this. No comments………

 Was this done intentionally? Or, is this a bug?  God knows….

 Just give a look at the screenshot below. This has been taken on 14″ screen at 1280px resolution. Running Chrome web browser 20.0X on Windows 7:

linkedin bug

We have always admired Linkedin as a professional platform, and we still do, but this instance is not what has been expected from them.  We are seeing this for more than 3 days, hoping, they are still  in web design deployment process.

 Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you seeing what we are seeing?