Can web application have security threats?

Web has been very beneficial for all of us as it has been aiding us in our work. But, with its immense advantages comes its great disadvantages as well. There are a lot of security threats looming around the web. If you do not have your database, server or web applications secured properly, then all of your data can be stolen and your company can be left in a critical solution. Even web applications are not safe from these threats. So, it is very important that you hire best Web Development Company to build your web application which has strong security and can ward off any kind of dangers.  Before you go on and hire a company that offers custom web application development service, let’s have a look at some of the security threats that you should be aware of.

Redirection of the user:

One of the threats that are constantly hounding the web is sending a malicious virus from the users’ side and gathering vital information from your database or server. Even the user might be unaware that its machine is being used to do something wrong. The malicious virus will redirect the user to some other website and the user will just think that they are visiting the right website. At the end, the user won’t be even visiting your website and will be seeing wrong information about your website. This is known as cross site scripting. This might cause you and your company to lose vital information and potential customers.

Web application has access to vital information:

There is no denying the fact that web application has access to vital information in databases. These web applications were built so that they could be beneficial for the customers. Thus they have free access to vital customer information like credit card information or social security number. If the web application is not properly secured then the hackers can easily get access to this information and use it. Both you and your customers can suffer from this.

Web applications are like an entry path to databases. If the malicious viruses are able to enter this path then the whole database will suffer from it. These viruses can also cause the databases to crash or it can steal some vital information from the database and pass it to the hacker. If the web application that has been developed does not have proper security system or has failed the security test then using those web applications will be like giving an invitation to the hackers to hack your database. That is why it is of utmost importance to hire best Web Development Company to develop a secured web application for your website.