Website designing company: Make a mark in your client’s mind

One of the best ways to asses how effective your website is to put yourself in the shoes of your clients. A understanding of a client’s expectations from your website enables you to design it in a better manner. A good place to start would be the psychological triggers which generate interest in a visitor’s mind. Don’t worry! You don’t have to be a physician to do this. Let us look at a few basic aspects which can be kept in mind while creating the first footprints in your customer’s mind.

 Consistency – Your website should be able to invoke trust in the minds of your visitors. A consistent website with easy navigation menus can help in meeting this objective. Also, the concept of the website should blend with the business ideas to give a better understanding of the purpose of your website to your visitors.

 Brand identity – A website can be no longer alienated from your branding efforts. It should inculcate all the elements of branding like the use of colors, size of fonts and so on. A visitor should be able to recognize your company just by a glance at your website.

 Choice of colors – The choice of colors on a website can make all the difference in the minds of a visitor. While aggressive colors like Red appeal to youngsters, softer colors like blue and purple lend a more professional look to a website designing company.

 Text arrangement It is seen that website readers generally tend to read in a ‘Z’ pattern. The important information you want to share with your client should be placed accordingly.

 Layout – A website page offers you limited space to provide information. But that does not mean stuffing web pages with loads of information. A web page should have a neat appearance with a layout which is easy on the eyes.

  There are various other psychological aspects involved in designing a website. A web designer can help you to identify these ‘triggers’ to design a website which makes a mark in the minds of your customers.